Monday, September 2, 2013

24 hours

24 hours! Yes that's the time we all have in a day.

Time is the only thing which we all have but no one has it enough. We want to do certain things in life but is not able to do it just because of lack of time. Right?

I am sorry did you just said 'YES'. My friend it’s not true. 'I don't have (enough) time' is a lie. That's the most common excuse we all make when life gets busy and we don't want to feel guilty about skipping something.
In fact the people who say that they don't have time, do spend most of their time doing nothing; and the one who are really busy can always take time out of their schedule to do what they really want to do.

One must really need to understand that it’s not about time but it’s about priorities. We always have time for our priorities and priorities are set personally. So next time when you find yourself thinking "I don't have time", think again and make it to "It's not a priority." And if it’s not a priority c'mon don’t do it now, set it for some later time. But stop fooling yourself by hiding behind the excuse of time. How you choose to spend your time defines your priorities.

Anyway, if you still feel that you want to do something which is your priority too, but don't have enough time for it, then you are definitely not managing your time.

For that one last argument that there aren't enough hours in the day for all your priorities, Nerd Fitness's Steve Kamb quotes J.D. Roth (of Get Rich Slowly):

"It's not what we say is a priority, but what we actually DO that's a priority."